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Industrial Magnets
Industrial magnets are highly crucial for the process of mining, as these take out the tramp metals. These are applicable for mining and excavation. These are accessible with the optimum capacity and can remove the impurities from several machines and mixtures.
Magnetic Grills
The Magnetic Grills we offer allow for the actual separation of iron particles. These can deal with the granular, free-flowing and dry material. These are accessible with modish make and advanced utility. Also, these have the capacity to resist the rust and oxidation.
Customized Magnet
The Customized Magnets we offer are the powerful ways to promote branding. These are high-profile essentials suited for the high-traffic zones. These are applicable to several industries and enable high utility in several sectors.
Pot Magnets
Pot magnets are suited for the procedures of clamping, gripping, and fixture. They are surrounded within the aluminum ring spacer and powder-coated mild steel shell. These are known as the best magnetic assemblies, apt for wall mounting and hanging applications.
Flexible Magnets
The Flexible Magnets are designed for many unique applications. They are suited for the sealing of all refrigerator doors. These are functional as the low-cost extruded enduring magnets that are easy to use and maintain. Due to their versatility, they are perfect for many applications.
NDFEB Magnets
The NDFEB Magnets are the advanced magnets demanded for information technology. These are used in hard disc drives, video-audio systems of TV, mobile phones, and others. They are also useful for magnetic separators, ionizers, filters, etc. They are needed for the sector of safety and security.
Suspended Magnets
The Suspended Magnets are known to eradicate the damaging tramp metals from many conveyed materials. They are needed to improve product purity. Also, these are needed for the protection of downstream crushers, mincers, mills, and pulverizers. They are fundamentally used in food, pharma, chemical, and oil processing industries.
Magnetic Separators
The Magnetic Separators are the higher efficiency and larger capacity machines. These are provided with lower operating costs and enable for the complete cleaning of sturdily magnetic minerals. They are apt to deal with the objects of magnetic agglomeration.
Permanent Magnetic Coupling
The Permanent Magnetic Couplings are suited for the applications that need the prevention of leakage and fluid. The couplings are suited for the fluid transfer pump applications. They function with the help of a power generated permanent magnet.
Magnetic Equipment
Magnetic equipment is utilized for the effective and safe removal of ferrous tramp metal pollutants. These can remove the contaminants from many slurries, particulates, and liquids. The sectors are chemical, oil, textile, mineral, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and others.
Ferrite Magnets
The Ferrite Magnets are functional as the permanent magnets that are known as the durable and strongest of magnets. Their use in different industries make them heavily demanded in many sectors. They can be used as refrigerator magnets. Also, they can be featured in small electric motors and loudspeakers.
Magnetic Bars
The Magnetic Bars assist in picking up the small metallic objects. They can be used with the magnetic stirring rods so as to excel in the laboratory applications. Also, they are used in compasses. Collection and separation of the magnetic wastes are easy with these bars.
Magnetic Pulley
The Magnetic Pulleys are known as the reliable solutions, widely demanded in a variety of industries. They are suited for the processes of recycling, waste recovery and others. Metal recovery and metal separation are the main functions performed by these pulleys.
Magnetic Funnel Filters
Magnetic Funnel Filters can be simply used with the filter funnel manifold. They also assist in a rubber stopper connection. The filters are also suited for the analysis of aqueous samples. Basically, these assist in the separation of particulate and microbiological contamination.