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Magnet Plates

Jai Mag Industries deals in top-quality Magnet plates that are accessible with precious integrated spring cushion. These have the capacity to compensate for the physical tolerances that are made between lab ware and pipettors. Offered are the industrial solutions, which allow for the effective separation of fine ferrous materials. Magnet plates can handle the pneumatically conveyed and free-flowing materials with much ease and high efficiency. They are made to offer high efficiency in chutes as well as suspension over conveyed product. Their use can capture the ferrous contaminants. The products have been designed for the capturing of tramp metals in gravity free-fall applications.

Mild Steel Magnet Plates

Mild Steel Magnet Plates we offer are the highly important industrial iron separators that allow for the effective separation of tramp iron and fine ferrous materials. Offered plates have been designed for effortless use in chutes as well as suspension conveyed products. Mild Steel Magnet Plates ensure maximum protection with the help of powerful magnetic circuit. These are accessible with fewer edge effects and high uniformity. Offered plates are useful for resuspension as well as elution.

Steel Magnet Plates

Steel Magnet Plates are generally used for lifting steel plates, moulds and other blocks. These plates are easy to handling for doing various industrial operations. In addition to this, provided plates are made with a hard steel material to prevent from rust proof material. These plates are feasible for amid handling and facing the bulky tool pressure smoothly. Steel Magnet Plates are easy to kept with less space saving. These plates are fixed with a durable handle to hold and carry safely.


Stainless Steel Magnet Plates

Stainless Steel Magnet Plates

Stainless Steel Magnet Plates we deal in are applicable for processing chemicals, plastics plants foodstuffs, and handling bulk materials. These assist in the removal of the ferrous metal.  Also, these are suited for tools and gloves. The plates are accessible with advanced resistance against corrosion, fire and heat. Stainless Steel Magnet Plates can resist scaling and have the capacity to retain their high strength even at high temperatures. With Stainless Steel Magnet Plates, hygiene and high level of cleanliness is a big deal.