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NDFEB Magnets

NDFEB Magnets we offer are the rare-earth magnets, suited for several applications. These are permanent magnets, made from neodymium, boron and iron. The magnets are known for their tetragonal crystalline structure. Offered magnets can replace several other types of magnets. The said products are accessible with higher remanence as well as higher coercivity. NDFEB Magnets are functional as the strongest magnets. These have strength and are incredibly versatile. Offered magnets are suited to be used as the strong attachments in several corrective devices. Also, these are useful for holding the replacement dentures. The magnets have outstanding resistance to corrosion.

Bonded NDFEB Magnet

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Bonded NDFEB Magnets are known as the cost-effective solutions. These are accessible with high performance, high tolerances and low electrical conductivity. They have been designed to make specific flux density profiles. The said products allow for higher magnetic energy as well as assorted other advantages. Bonded NDFEB Magnets are accessible with a tailored magnetization profile. They are not prone to rust and oxidation. The magnets allow for residual magnetization and are capable to attract ferromagnetic particles. 

Neodymium NDFEB Magnet

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Neodymium NDFEB Magnet

Neodymium NDFEB Magnet we deal in is known as the strongest magnet of the world, which is used industrially for several applications. It has good strength and is known for its effective functionality. This is an incredibly versatile magnet that is suited for the modern lives. Neodymium NDFEB Magnet is extensively used for attachments. This is suited for holding the replacement dentures. It has good mechanical strength and boasts of increased resistance to rust and corrosion.

Rare Earth NDFEB Magnet

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Rare Earth NDFEB Magnets

Rare Earth NDFEB Magnets we deal in are useful for the hard disk drives, audio equipment such as microphones, acoustic pick-ups, headphones, dentures, magnetically coupled pumps, door catches, generators, bearings and motors. They have strong make and are suited for numerous applications such as, magnetic hold-downs, compact permanent magnets, hard disk drives, jewelry clasps and electric motors for cordless tools, etc. Rare Earth NDFEB Magnets are applicable for a wide variety of applications such as brushless DC motors, magnetic separation, magnetic resonance etc.

Sintered NDFEB Magnet

We are dealing a wide range of Sintered NDFEB Magnet to our clients. This magnet is cherished for its high durability and utility. This magnet is counted as a powerful material which is feasible in any weather challenges. It is manufactured by using a primary ingredients and compounds. Sintered NDFEB Magnet is suitable high temperature conditions. Provided magnet is also attaining the maximum strength to control the pressure of heavy force without any break outs.